BOA. THAT’S CAPITAL LETTERS AND NO PERIODS. Tim Pleune started the company in 1972 with his stepbrother Tim after they completed building a new home in the foothills with another partner. Tim Davis now works for Deloitte Touche in Denver and remains a valued advisor to the Company.

Having reported to a construction site the day he got his driver’s license, Tim Pleune took a few years to get a psychology degree from Hope College then came straight to Colorado to enjoy his true calling. Jim Whissel joined Tim in 1979. His loyalty and hard work has been an anchor for the Company.

Following 10 years of steady growth, in 1982 Tim met Dave Farmer on a construction site in North Denver and recognized something the Company needed. After a brief and successful negotiation about ownership at Duffy’s Tavern, Dave’s hard driving work ethic and construction experience began to build BOA into it’s current day form. TODAY, BOA IS COLORADO’S BEST KNOWN AND LARGEST REMODELING SPECIALIST.

Dave Farmer has transitioned to a life of volunteer work and BOA is now sub chapter S corporation with new owners PROUD TO SAY THEY HAVE WORKED THEIR WAY UP FROM THE FIELD. The next chapter of BOA’s history is being written now as its leaders carry on the rich culture and history of success the Company was founded on. The momentum fueled by the solid gold reputation of the Company seems unstoppable as BOA completed it’s best year ever in 2007. Stock in the Company is being taken over by the people inside the Company who have earned the right to shape BOA’s future.

SO WHAT DOES THE NAME MEAN AND WHAT IS WITH THAT STRANGE LOGO? You will have to talk with Tim about that.

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