“People guided by the knowledge that in their dealings with customers and the public at large, that their sins as well as their good deeds will be visited on every other person in the organization.”
— JC Penny

While BOA’s revenues and employment numbers are large compared to our competitors, THE GROWTH OF THE COMPANY DID NOT PROCEED FROM SOME CLEVER PLAN. It “happened” because we concentrated on what our customers were asking for.

BOA has found the way to turn our customers’ expectations into reality. RESPECT is our core value. You should expect to find this at the root of every decision we make.

In the beginning, when Tim was working mostly for friends and acquaintances in order to not lose those friends, he adopted a simple set of terms; AS A CUSTOMER, BE PREPARED TO PAY FAIRLY FOR EXCEPTIONAL WORK that we will stand behind for years, or don’t hire us. Trying to be the lowest bidder and finding a way to lower cost and quality to match a low bid is not what we do.

The simple terms of fair pay for excellent work DRILLS DOWN TO THE PAYCHECKS. Employees, subcontractors and suppliers are paid on time. All deals are square. Every person who manages work has worked in the trades. We are experts who know what makes a job run smoothly.

BOA is a group that thrives on Challenge. Take a good look at our anniversary logo:


Each new opportunity creates a new challenge. Each challenge met creates more opportunity. The wheel has been rolling forward for almost 40 years.

BOA has always been organized to be the best residential construction and remodeling company Tim could imagine. His ability to recognize talent, motivate and lead has produced a gem of a company by all measures.


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